Who am I?


Well, if you found yourself on my website, perhaps you know me considering the URL is my first and last name.

I’m Raeann. Usually this is the point where I say “you can call me Rae, it’s easier.” But, honestly, I am so over that. Raeann. Rae- like ray of fucking sunshine. Ann. Pretty easy, unless you’re any of the teachers, coaches, doctors, professors, etc I’ve had over the years, but I’ll cut you some slack.

I live in Ski town USA in Colorado. Funny enough, it snows 8ish months out of the year and I am still finding excuses not to tackle this whole snowboarding thing (more on that later).

Born and raised pretty much all of the country. Well except the born part; birthed in Germany. So definitely raised all of the country, but my roots are in Washington state with my family, relations, tribe, and mama of course. But my heart belongs to these here mountains in CO.

So the age old question: what do I do for a living? Honestly, this is something very exciting about me, I think. I get to teach people yoga for a living. Originally, I completed my 200hr YTT in March of 2017. In May of 2018, I finished my second 200hr. More about my training on my yoga page. I’m also a licensed Massage Therapist. A college graduate. As well as a full-time college student. Perhaps at this point, I also work at the quaint little bookstore in town too (aka DREAM COME TRUE).

And why am I here? Honestly, because I need an outlet that isn’t glorified with pictures (although I’m sure there will be pictures). I need a space that I can just kind of brain dump about my life. Hence this space with my name all over it. But also because I have a voice worth hearing (or in this case reading).

Glad you’re here.

Let the journey begin.